About Us


We are a healing oasis for creatives of color to receive inner peace and balance professionally and personally.


At The Awakened Lounge, we envision a world where travel and film production become transformative experiences for creatives of color. We strive to create a platform that celebrates diversity, fosters cultural understanding, and empowers underrepresented voices in the industry. Through our exceptional travel services and innovative film productions, we aim to inspire, enlighten, and awaken minds across the globe.


Our work will be orchestrated by our beliefs and commitments to:

Healing: we heal the mind, body, soul of each and every client and customer that we service.

Collaboration: we believe that it truly does take a village; the lounge is the place to unite and create in order to make the community a better place.

Privacy: we strive to keep the matters and concerns that are expressed through us in counseling sessions between the client and coach/healer private.

Quality: we strive for excellence through the continuous improvement.

Inclusiveness: we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.

Meet Your Travel Advisor

Hey there! I'm Naomi Bonman, the founder of The Awakened Lounge, a certified travel advisor, holistic life & relationship coach, screenwriter and film producer, and director. With over six years of experience as a travel advisor, I've toured the world, uncovering the hottest destinations and experiences to share with fellow travelers.

Traveling is my ultimate therapy, and I believe it's an opportunity for everyone to escape their mundane routine and bask in new cultures, scenic views, and thrilling adventures. I'm here to challenge the myth that you need to be rich to travel. I promise that with my expertise, you can explore the world within your budget.

As a luxury travel specialist, I take pride in crafting high-end and unforgettable experiences that cater to every whim and fancy. Whether you're yearning for a stunning destination wedding, luxurious vacation or a family getaway, I'll curate the best experience that suits your needs.

My knowledge spans a broad spectrum of travel destinations, but I specialize in African, European, Caribbean, and Central American tours. I'm a certified active and adventure travel specialist, a Certified Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist, and a Certified Luxury Specialist. As a verified travel advisor, your safety and satisfaction are my top priorities.

With my expertise, I promise to make your travel one of your best experiences. It's quite easy! Contact me, your go-to traveler and let us make your travel dreams come true!

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